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Kylie is a unicorn coach. A very rare combination of fierce intellect, commercial acumen, deep understanding of essential leadership skills and processes and highly developed emotional intelligence and communication skills. She is an integral and valued part of our senior leadership team and I rely on her wise counsel on a regular basis. I also rely on her capacity to challenge me and my business to relentlessly improve in a way that feels empowering and respectful. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Sam Young, Managing Director, Human Psychology

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“Kylie is an incredible mentor who not only understands my business but also myself as a business woman. She offers realistic and practical solutions that encourage me to look at Palas from the outside. Kylie is extremely successful with a swag of impressive accolades and industry experience to support her measured yet challenging advice. With an accounting background Kylie's strategic advice always considers the financial reality of a situation and supports you in understanding the financial aspects of your business. I connected with Kylie's personality instantly – dynamic, witty, respectful, interested, credible, honest and genuine - the personal connection is essential in any mentoring relationship.”

- Anna Diamond, Managing Director and Designer, Palas Jewelry


Whether you are seeking assistance as an individual or an organisation, Kylie is able to provide contemporary and wide ranging advice that will add value from your first meeting. With an empathic approach she has the ability to guide you towards meeting goals, rising to challenges and reaching your full potential.  She is a valued confidant who has had a large impact on both our company and my own career, helping me to navigate the challenges of running a business.

- Jane Carey, Co-Founder and CEO, Edge Recruitment


Kylie has been mentoring me for over 12 months and has provided invaluable insight, advice and guidance regarding my career progression. Kylie is a fantastic sounding board and trusted confidante, allowing me to discuss a variety of different topics with the ultimate aim of providing direction, clarity and focus. I come away from each mentoring session being inspired by Kylie's positive motivational attitude and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future!

- Emma Cocks, Lawyer


When I went to Kylie I was lost… having sold a successful business and ending a personal era; I was confused, overwhelmed and for the first time in my 15 years as a professional… I felt lost. Kylie helped me “re-map” my personal plan to success and put me back on a path; by using a positive, fun, casual approach that made me not only strive to move forward but see the “other side” and doing it in a fun way! I highly recommend Kylie for not only those whom are very successful, but those trying to get through their everyday “web”!! Thanks Kylie… incredibleu;

- Carmel Siciliano, Marketing Manager, Metro Property Development 


My sessions with Kylie lift the uncertainty and trepidation that can be experienced in daily business life, and inspire me to create and conquer new opportunities. Kylie’s accounting background gives her a keen eye for impacting the bottom line, and her excellent interpersonal skills make her a valuable sounding board for HR issues. Kylie’s wisdom has enabled me to embrace opportunities, to act strategically, and to be empowered to have a fulfilling career which compliments the needs of my family life.

- Jane Miller, Partner, Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers

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Kylie has the uncommon ability to brainstorm an issue with empathy, insight & creativity.

- Sharee Sullivan, Director and General Manager, Udder Delights

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I appreciate and value Kylie’s clarity, can do attitude and faith in my ability. This has enabled me to achieve my goals, which at the time I thought were virtually impossible, with only ten months of coaching and mentoring by Kylie I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve and more.

- Kea Imgraben, Managing Director, KD & A

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Connecting with a mentor is so important and with Kylie I feel like I’m talking to a trusted confidante who I have known for years. Kylie is an inspirational and dynamic woman who combines her years of entrepreneurial experience to deliver a mentoring service that surpasses all others. She listens, understands your needs and offers insightful and thought-provoking advice that makes a real difference. I look forward to each and every mentoring session with Kylie and leave feeling energised and ready for whatever challenge awaits.

- Rebecca O'Rourke, Managing Director, O-Rourke PR

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Kylie has been and still is an inspiration as well as a coach for me. She has a unique blend of empathy, perception, strategy and energy that you need in a mentor / coach. I appreciate the way that she utilises her extensive professional and personal experiences to relate to and guide me through my various my needs/ wants / roles/ challenges / complications and desires as a professional person, business woman, wife and mother. Most importantly she helps me realise my value and always honours my perspective. What else can I say but it feels damn good to be in her presence and I feel privileged to know her and work with her.

- Dr Paula Stacey Thomas, Founder, Chiropractic Domain


The sessions Kylie and I spend together are incredibly enlightening and empowering.  I always walk away with a range of tools and confidence to work on the changes I want to make personally and professionally.  Kylie is wise, gifted and wonderfully human.

- Corrine Allison, GM South Terrace Urology 


We commenced our mentoring sessions after Kylie saw something in me that I didn’t. Her investment of time, wisdom and her “glass half full” view on all things, leaves me feeling energised and empowered to be proactive in both work and in life.
Kylie tells it like it is. This is what creates the freedom to delve deep into fears and admit to the excuses that can hold us back.
Kylie has provided me with unique advice on how to navigate first-time motherhood whilst continuing to fulfil a demanding role within a male dominated industry.

- Bridget Staker, LendLease 

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